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Restore 3 has been scientifically formulated to relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia/CFS, IBS and Lyme. We recognize that the culprit of these autoimmune disorders have a common link: An overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria within the GI tract. That’s why Restore 3 is a thorough program utilizing 3 actions which help achieve lasting relief by providing the following action:

Disrupt – Disrupt Pathogenic Biofilm
Remove – Remove Bacterial Pathogens
Replenish – Replenish the Gut Microbiome


And Restore 3 accomplishes all of this all in one powerful supplement. Our formula relies on effective, all natural ingredients which are backed by numerous scientific studies. In addition to this, our state-of-the-art laboratory was specifically designed to manufacture and culture enzymes and probiotics.

All of which are made right here in the USA in a cGMP certified laboratory which holds a Drug Manufacturing License by the Food and Drug Branch, and is registered as a Drug Establishment with the FDA. Lastly, for over 20 years, our board of health care advisors – made up of MDs, naturopaths and scientists – have kept us up to date with the latest research in the health and supplement industry.


Why Does Restore 3 Work?

Because each of these ingredients below revealed over and over again to be the clear-cut winners for us. Each ingredient was carefully selected to make this a powerful, all-in-one formula:



restore 3 ingredients



The Native Formulas Difference

GMP_trust badgecGMP Manufacturing

We go over and beyond the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All our processes are meticulous and detail orientated and geared to hinder mistakes. We have comprehensive SOPs, MBRs and MPRs. This ensures meticulous record keeping and quality assurance.
SHRC is certified by Pharmaceutical Consulting Services, LLC and Consulting Services (CSI) to be in GMP Compliance with FDA Reg 21 CFR 111.

  1. SOP – Standard Operating Procedures
  2. MPR – Master Production Records
  3. BPR – Batch Production Records

Each task we do is documented in our SOPs. Each lot of each product we manufacture is made according to our BPRs. A simple BPR will require over 140 signatures and dates. Every step we take is documented.

Kosher star
Star-K is recognized globally as the most trusted kosher symbol. The Kosher Certification verifies that our facility is approved for the manufacture of products that meet strict Kosher requirements.


halal image
ISA is the oldest and most respected Halal Certifier in North America. The Halal Certification verifies that our facility is approved for the manufacture of products that meet strict Halal requirements.



Meticulous Quality Control: Laboratory Testing

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Rigorous identity, potency and microbiological testing of all raw materials and finished goods lab woman testing microscope

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Positive Controls – third party microbiological testing of medium to ensure no “false negative” results

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 On-site probiotic identification testing – Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test validates correct species/strain

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Full enzyme spectrum USP / FCC assays

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 HPLC analysis

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Bioavailability testing / Electrophoresis

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 USP enteric coating testing

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 FTIR identity testing of raw materials

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19 Preservatives, Allergens, Western Blot testing capabilities



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