fibromyalgia biofilmThis is a pathogenic biofilm.

It is a slimy, impenetrable matrix that bacterial colonies create in order to protect themselves from our immune system.

It took a lot of research and trial-and-error to realize how important this was in ending my chronic health problems.

My name is Jean Stanford and I suffered for a very long time with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions including IBS/CFS and ulcerative colitis.

It wasn’t until I began learning about biofilm and its role in these type of conditions that things began to dramatically shift.

What I’m about to share with you may not be something that works for everyone who suffers from fibromyalgia & chronic illness, but it sure has helped thousands.

I will spare you the story of my long, 15-year journey as I can imagine you may already understand how horrible it can be.

But during those years, I was doing my research. Lots of research.

It seems that’s all I was doing. I was desperate for something to change.

It’s only when learned about something called biofilm, that I realized something interesting.

I came across a research paper from Cedars Sinai Center in Los Angeles that showed a link between SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and fibromyalgia.

This study revealed that 100% of the people who had fibromyalgia also had SIBO. [1]

Another recent study [2] found that out of 40 patients with fibromyalgia, 28 (70%) had intestinal permeability (i.e. leaky-gut). And, incredibly, 12 of the 28 patients with leaky-gut showed no gut symptoms.

That was truly shocking to learn: Almost half of those patients with leaky-gut showed absolutely no digestive symptoms.

(Continue reading below to learn more about this study)

This one discovery led me down the path that eventually led me out of my nightmare.

You see, once I began focusing on my gut microbiome, where the microbial overgrowth was happening, everything starting changing for me. And fast!

And when I began connecting these dots, things really began to shift…

Here’s what happened:

sibo fibromyalgia

I began learning ways to eliminate SIBO and quickly realized that the #1 reason that SIBO is so difficult to eliminate is because of biofilm.

As you learned earlier, biofilm is a protective layer that harmful gut bacteria as well as Candida yeast create to protect themselves from our immune system.

Did you know that over 80% of bacterial infections in humans are estimated to involve the formation of bacterial colonies, or biofilms?

It’s also been documented that bacteria protected within biofilms are up to 1,000 times more resistant to antibiotics than if they were free-floating.[3]

Worst of all, bacterial biofilm harbors over 40 different kinds of neurotoxins and cytokines, including ammonia, which are secreted by these pathogenic bacteria, causing all kinds of neurological damage to the body.

And this is just the first problem with biofilms…

Once colonies of yeast & bacteria become overgrown beneath this biofilm, the toxins they secrete can often break down delicate links in the intestinal wall known as “tight junctions”, which are essentially the glue that keeps the intestinal wall together.

Established colonies are known to puncture through these tight junctions allowing organisms and other toxins and undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream.

Many believe this to be a key in understanding allergies, food sensitivities and why the body goes into an inflammatory response.

The immune system sees these “foreign invaders” entering the bloodstream and mounts an all-out attack.

The only problem is, this attack is continuous. Never ending. The gut is letting in these invaders indefinitely.

Your body is constantly “under attack”. In a continuous state of code red.

That’s when I Finally Found My Solution

I discovered an all-natural substance that proved to be a clear cut winner at breaking down biofilm.

In fact, our body naturally produces them for almost every biochemical process it goes through. These are enzymes.

There are so many different types of enzymes that the body produces, however, we’ve isolated a handful of enzymes which work extremely well at dissolving biofilm.

These exact enzymes have also long been used for their anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and blood cleansing properties for centuries.

These are all-natural, proteolytic enzymes which work quickly and effectively to break down the biofilm barrier in the gut to expose these harmful pathogens.

Once exposed, our immune system can go to work regulating these pathogens.

These natural enzymes went to work and quickly began breaking down years worth of biofilm strongholds within my gut. 

I knew this because I actually felt worse before I felt better. I was “Herxing” for the first few days. I felt very fatigued and my body wasn’t very happy. 

This can sometimes happen when the body is tasked to process all the toxic material and dead bacteria that is moving out at a rapid rate. It often feels like the cold or flu.

However, I learned ahead of time that this may potentially happen and I saw it as a good sign that what I was doing was actually working.

It wasn’t until later that I refined my approach by following a specific diet and introducing specialized probiotics to my daily regimen.

The diet was there to help kill off any resilient pathogenic bacteria leftover and the specialized probiotics were used to replenish my gut microbiome with friendly colonies.

In the first couple of weeks I noticed a few improvements with my muscle fatigue. I seemed to have a little bit more stamina and less joint pain.

With each passing week, I was getting stronger and stronger.

I was waking up feeling refreshed from a deep nights rest and my body felt lighter.

The way I describe it to people is that my body felt calm. Like a giant engine inside me had finally turned off.

The strange thing about being chronically ill is that often, you don’t really realize how sick you actually were until you begin to feel better.

And boy did I feel better! I could barely contain my energy.

I eventually began to have more energy than I knew what to do with.

It felt like I stepped into a new body. One that was 25 years younger.

Looking back now, it makes perfect sense.

Because, if our bodies are made up of more microbe cells than human cells, then it’s obvious that the focus should be on the microbiome and ensuring it’s in balance.

Modern medicine is beginning to recognize this as well and it is exactly why so much research in the past few years has been centered around the microbiome.

I had to share this discovery with others. I knew it would benefit so many who, like me, were trying to escape this living nightmare.

For the last 15 years, myself along with a few other former sufferers, have been perfecting and refining this program, which has already helped thousands get back the life they once had.

Here’s How it Works:

Essentially, there are 3 phases:

1. Dissolve/Disrupt the biofilm
2. Eliminate the pathogenic colonies and toxic buildup
3. Restore the gut microbiome with friendly bacterial colonies

I found it must be done in this order or else you’ll be perpetually stuck just trying to get past step 1.

The Restore 3 Program is a 3-Phase Program that:

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Supports Rapid Biofilm Disruption – You can see real results fast†
Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Clears Out Bacteria/Yeast Buildup – Support Fatigue & Body Pain†
Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Step-by-Step Guide – Be guided along each step of the way†

Each part of the program was carefully designed according to what actually worked for us. There is no fluff here. It’s been refined down to only a few short steps that anyone can follow and see fast results.


Why Does Restore 3 Work?

Because each of these ingredients below revealed over and over again to be the clear-cut winners for us. Each ingredient was carefully selected to make this a powerful, all-in-one formula:


Fun Fact #2


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can’t find the answer to your question below? Feel free to contact us toll free at (888) 627-5170 or by email at

Take 2 capsules per day until your symptoms cease. You can take up to 9 capsules per day. Our unique formula is designed so that you see immediate results, however, it’s best when taken consistently for a longer-term period. This is because Restore 3 works to disrupt biofilm and fibrin buildup within the body while simultaneously restoring the microbiome with specialized probiotics. Often, people don’t start seeing results until at least 2-3 weeks of regular use*, depending on the severity of their deficiency.

Restore 3 is an all-natural supplement. All of its ingredients are naturally occurring, which means the supplement lacks many of the nasty side effects associated with conventional drugs*.

We’ve found that the ideal time to take Restore 3 is the first thing in the morning or just before going to bed and on an empty stomach. You’ll want to take Restore 3 at least an hour away from food and with at least a 6 oz. glass of water. If taken with food, the enzymes in Restore 3 will simply work on digesting your food, rather than working systemically to break down fibrin and other contributors to symptoms.

When you join the Restore 3 Program, we send you a bottle once a month until you achieve the results you desire. You can easily cancel your membership at any time by emailing or calling our hotline at (888) 627-5170. We will immediately cancel you and send you an email confirmation of your cancellation as well.

Restore 3 is made from the highest quality minerals, enzymes and soil based probiotics. They include Magnesium Malate, a potent blend of Proteases including Serrapeptase, Amylase, Cellulase & Hemicellulase, Lipase, EDTA and a 2 Billion CFU blend of Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus subtilis. It includes all the ingredients that you need to finally relieve your symptoms fast.


This is always a question that is best answered by your physician. If you are currently taking anti-coagulant drugs consult a healthcare professional before using this product. That said, many of our customers report they take Restore 3 along with their other prescriptions, however, consult your physician first.

Restore 3 was carefully crafted and designed by the makers at Native Formulas, LLC – an all natural supplement manufacturer based in California who values its customers’ health first. Feel free to contact us any time at

Yes. Currently we ship to the United States and Canada.

Shipping and handling is free for all orders and they are shipped USPS First-Class mail.

Restore 3 is ideal for people with:

1. Chronic illness related symptoms
2. Digestion/bowel related symptoms
3. SIBO related symptoms
4. Aches associated with physical injury
5. Yeast related symptoms

Restore 3 is manufactured right here in the United States in an FDA-approved facility. Unfortunately, many natural supplements are manufactured in China and other overseas countries, which currently has a poor record for creating safe natural supplements. We are proud to manufacture Restore 3 here in the United States.

You can order Right Here. All you need is a mailing address and your credit card.

You can easily cancel your membership at any time by emailing or calling our toll-free hotline at (888) 627-5170. We will immediately cancel you and send you an email confirmation of your cancellation as well.

It varies for different people. Some people experience benefits within the first couple of hours of taking Restore 3. In the beginning, initial results may be visible in a few weeks, with full results being achieved in 2 to 4 months*. Restore 3 works to disrupt the biofilm and fibrin buildup within the body while replenishing the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria. Often, people don’t start seeing results until at least 2-3 weeks of regular use, depending on the severity of their deficiency. Also important to note is that diet is a huge part of the Restore 3 Program which is why each purchase comes with the eBook “Restore 3 Handbook” which outlines a 3-step action plan to follow while taking the Restore 3 supplement.

Restore 3 is not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. We do not accept personal checks or money orders at this time.

We only use encrypted, PCI-compliant methods for storing and transferring customer data. Customer security is a top priority.

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We ship all orders by United States Postal Service First Class Mail.

Yes, it comes in a plain manila package that simply bears our name “Native Formulas”.

Our Restore 3 Program comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason you may return one bottle of Restore 3 within 60-days of your purchase for a full refund excluding shipping and handling.

The Restore 3 Program
A Complete Enzyme & Probiotic Restoration Program

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What’s Included with The Restore 3 Program:


Instant Download of the “Restore 3 Handbook” eBook

FREE for a limited time only, this guidebook, written by former long-time sufferers, guides you through an easy to follow, 3-Step Action Plan that can help relieve your symptoms quickly†.


Inside this 67-page eBook, you’ll discover:

  • Our 3-step action plan we used for our success
  • The Top 5 foods you absolutely must avoid
  • How this 1 simple trick can boost energy levels
  • How to dissolve biofilms safely and effectively


This eBook is available to members of the Restore 3 Program and can be downloaded instantly to your computer after joining.



Report #2:
Instant Download of “47 Proven Tips to Feel Better Fast”




This Special Bonus Report titled “47 Proven Tips to Feel Better Fast” available for immediate download.

  • The 1 thing you’re likely doing everyday to keep you in the ‘sick-loop’
  • How to safely jump-start this bodily process to give you all-day energy
  • How to use this cheap & abundant natural mineral to help you sleep deeply.
  • The most important thing we make sure to do everyday to ensure vibrant health.



The Restore 3 Special Sale Price of $49.00 Includes:

Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Free Shipping of the Restore 3 Supplement
Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Guide #1: “The Restore 3 Handbook” eBook
Green-Check-Mark-3-21x19Guide #2: “47 Proven Tips to Feel Better Fast”


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p.s. We want to make this totally risk-free for you. Take advantage of our 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. We really want this to work for you as it’s worked for thousands of others, but we don’t want you to pay for it, if for some reason it doesn’t work for you.


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The Restore 3 Program
A Complete Enzyme & Probiotic Restoration Program

1-Month Supply

(Good Value)

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1 Month Supply of Restore 3
No automatic shipments.

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(Great Value)

3-Pack of Restore 3 Save Only $54.69 per Bottle.
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Get Restore 3 shipped right to your door each month for only $49/mo. You can cancel anytime.

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